Proda PPP-9 12000 MAH Power bank

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Product Description
Remax Proda 12000 mAh Powerbank PPP-9
Remax Proda 12000 mAh Dual USB PowerBank with Digital Indicator and LED Light
Remax Proda 12000mAh Gentleman Powerbank PPP-9 model is one of the hottest selling powerbank with 12000mAh capacity and Dual USB Features. Remax fast charging 2.1Amp Dual USB 12000 mAh powerbank that can be used with Mobiles, iPads, Tablets and other devices. This Remax powerbank has LED lights to prepare for contingencies, It also has dual USB output interface, can charge two devices at the same time. Remax 12000 mah powerbank is Fully compatible with Apple, Samsung, XiaoMi, HTC or Blackberry and other mobile phones and tablet PCs but also for some digital cameras and handheld games charged.
Remax Proda 12000mAh Power Bank PPP-9
Stylish Phone look
Attractive Design
Dual USB
LED indicator
LED Light (Inbuilt)
USB CABLE (Included)

1,250 Taka Only
Delivery Charge- 50tk

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