Skysun Air Purifier Sk-118

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With HEPA can remove PM2.5
Decrease radiation and protect eyesight
Activate the physical strength and prevent diseases
Remove the smoke and dust and fresh the air
Effective prevention from air-conditioning diseases
Anions improve metabolism, keep air fresh and relieve fatigue
European style design provides you elegant appearance and mini model
Mute design will not distract your attention when you?re driving
Wireless design makes the air purifier easy to use
Purification technology of both negative ion and ozone are applied
Generate millions of negative ions to neutralize positive ions of dust granules, suspended particulates of the air and other pollutants to remove surroundings toxic substances
Ozone sterilizes the air inside the car by its oxidation and be deoxidized into oxygen without secondary pollution
Formaldehyde Removing

3,500 Taka Only
Delivery Charge- 50tk

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