Pineng Power Bank 40000 Mah

Pineng P.B. 01Pineng P.B. 01
Pineng P.B. 02Pineng P.B. 02                                                                   
Pineng P.B. 03Pineng P.B. 03                                                                   
Pineng P.B. 04Pineng P.B. 04                                                                   
Pineng P.B. 05Pineng P.B. 05                                                                   
Pineng P.B. 06Pineng P.B. 06                                                                   
Pineng P.B. 07Pineng P.B. 07                                                                   
Pineng P.B. 08Pineng P.B. 08                                                                   
Pineng P.B. 09Pineng P.B. 09                                                                   
Pineng P.B. 10Pineng P.B. 10                                                                   
Pineng P.B. 11Pineng P.B. 11



Recharge all your smart devices with the Power Bank Charger everywhere you are.


LCD Display indicates the charging and discharging status and residual power

Dual USB Output Charge 2 devices at the same time

Protective Design: Prevent from over charging, over discharging and short circuit

LED Flashlight (Press power button twice to active)

Capacity : 40,000mAh

Size: 140.5x62x22.8mm

Weight: 243g

Output: 5V1A and 5V2.1A

Color: Grey, Orange (random ship, If not specified)

Packaging: Gif package


iPad, iPhone, iPod, GPS, PSP,

Mobile phone (Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Blackberry, Nokia, LG & etc).

Android Phone/Tablet

MP3/MP4 players, speaker, Bluetooth.

Package Contents:

PINENG Power Bank x 1

Micro USB cable x 1

User Manual

Gif Box

1,250 Taka Only
Delivery Charge 50 Tk

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